Legal Stuff


Find out about Safecall and the Runaway Helpline, a safe place with people who will listen to your experience without judgement.

Knife Amnesty

Find out about Operation Scepter and the knife amnesty in Swindon


The new #knifefree campaign challenges perceptions that carrying a knife makes you safer.


Give information to the police anonymously through Fearless

Disrespect Nobody

There’s a person attached to every body, respect both.


The law around fireworks and how to stay safe.

Stop and search

Short film which explains your rights and what to expect if you are stopped by Police

What to expect at Youth Court

Watch this short film which explains what to expect at the Youth Court

What to Expect At the Police Station

This short film will explain what happens if you are arrested and taken to the police station

Posting pictures and videos

Avoid sharing something you regret

Action Against Hate

The UK Government’s plan for tackling hate crime

Drink Driving

It's not worth the risk

Drug driving

Reasons to be paranoid

Texting when driving

Using ANY mobile phone when driving is dangerous

Knife Crime

Raising awareness of Knife Crime

Youth employment

Information on employment for young people of school age

Youth justice system

Journey through the Youth Justice System


How long do you have to stay at school and when can you get a job?

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When I first arrived and met my Counsellor she was very warm and supportive when I was in a very vulnerable state. I felt like we were talking, not me being assessed. She felt like a friend which made my recovery much quicker and healthier.

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