Festival Season

Staying safe at festivals

June 1, 2018

Staying safe at festivals

We’re approaching festival season and it’s important to be aware of the potential dangers, especially with drugs. Ecstasy use has been rising, and with it, ecstasy related deaths.

Another massive danger at festivals or clubs is that you don’t know the contents of the drugs. They may have a larger concentration of MDMA, or even no MDMA. It’s also very possible it’ll contain other drugs, like PMA, which could be fatal.

We have a full article on ecstasy here.

We are the Loop

The loop is a non profit organisation which provides drug safety testing, training and harm reduction services at festivals, nightclubs and other night-life events, with plans to expand with pop-up labs in cities across the UK.

They use new technologies to analyse the chemical structure of drugs they are testing. They also perform other types of analyses to measure the amount of MDMA in pills.

Some of these have recently made appearances in the news, these are some dangerous examples of ecstasy in pills.

Follow @WeAreTheLoopUK on Twitter for more MDMA updates.

This is a great video on the discussion around drug testing tents featuring the Loop:



Find out more about the Loop here.


More tips for staying safe at festivals

  • Stay cool and hydrated

It can be very hot at festivals with very little shelter – find shade when you can and drink water regularly.

  • Bring medication

Simple really – if you need any specific medication, don’t forget to bring it.

  • Learn your way around

Once everyone has arrived at festivals it can get incredibly packed and your schedule will likely be very busy, so it’s well worth learning your way around while you can.

  • Buddy up

Look out for your friends, and make sure they’re looking out for you.

  • Be sensible with alcohol

If you’re old enough to drink alcohol, it’s vital that you take care when drinking. Eat plenty of meals and drink enough water. Always keep an eye on your drinks as well, as it’s possible people may try to spike your drinks.

  • And of course, party safe

Taking drugs is inherently dangerous as you can lose control of your sensibilities, especially with some of them mentioned in this article. Remember to also practice safe sex and understand consent.


One of the specialist services which can be accessible through the Dock is Uturn. Uturn is a drugs and alcohol abuse service providing support to young people and their families. Get in touch!

Currently staffed by Michael and Faye, you can contact them through:

Email: Uturn@Swindon.gov.uk

Phone: 01793 464662

Mobile: 07766368328

For more information on Uturn, click here.


In an emergency

If you or a friend have taken a substance which could be dangerous don’t hesitate. Call the emergency services on 999. 


More info

The Reading festival website has a great page on personal safety at festivals, including information on drug use and campfire safety. Click here to head straight there.


Social media

Have any thoughts on drug testing tents? Is it condoning drug use or is it beneficial to keep people safe! Let us know! @TheDockSwindon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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