GCSE Results Day

A little guide to help you know what to do on results day.

August 22, 2018

GCSE Results

You’ll already know that the way you’ll see GCSEs is very different than how they used to be presented. They now use a numbered system instead of letters. Which? have created an excellent grid comparing and explaining the new GCSE grades.

Preparing for the day

It’s important to know what you’re doing and where you’re going on the day. Make sure you know what time your school is opening for results day (often it’ll be around 9, but check through the website or social media channels!)

Don’t panic and talk to your family and friends about your concerns, and consider whether you want to collect your results with them!

Collecting the results

Have a good nights sleep and nab yourself a decent breakfast! It can be nerve-wracking to collect your results, so make sure you have some support, whether that’s family by your side or friends on call.

Didn’t get the results you wanted?

Don’t panic! Talk to your teachers about your options, there should be plenty at your school to talk to. If you’re worried you didn’t get the results to go to your chosen sixth-form/college, make sure you contact them as it’s very possible they’ll still accept you. You can also look around at similar courses or places which provide your chosen course and see if you can go there instead!

If you’re worried they haven’t graded you properly, appealing might be the route you want to take. This might be the case particularly if a result just missed the mark, or if a result is unusually low compared to others.

Although it’s obviously not the best option, you’re also able to resit your papers!

Don’t want to do your chosen course?

There’s are plenty of other options for you, whether that’s if you want to go for a different course, or go down a different route entirely! BTECs are one of these options, these are courses which are assessed via coursework and exams over the year, as opposed to an end-of-year exam like with a-levels. Additionally, you could consider an NVQ or an on-the-job apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are growing and aren’t just in manual jobs, but also jobs such as digital marketing!

Can’t attend results day?

Attending results day yourself allows you to share any concerns with teachers, so it’s very beneficial to do so, although not always possible! A friend or family member is able to pick up your results, that person will need a signed form saying they’re able to pick up your results and their own ID.


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