The new #knifefree campaign challenges perceptions that carrying a knife makes you safer.

May 11, 2018

Real life stories

The campaign talks about the stories of young people who have made the decision of not carrying a knife in order to pursue positive alternatives.

Sonny’s story:

These are all true stories played by actors.

Click here to find out more #Knifefree stories.

The facts

  • You are much more likely to get stabbed while carrying a knife, as situations with weapons get out of control quickly.
  • There is no ‘safe place’ to get stabbed.
  • Possession of a knife can lead to 5 years in prison, even if it is unused.
  • Having one for protection is not an excuse.
  • Murdering someone with a knife can lead to a life sentence.

Find more facts on the No Knives, Better Lives website:



And we have an extensive article on Knife Crime here on the Dock!

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