NHS Alcohol Statistics

What are the findings of the NHS Alcohol statistics and what can be done to help?

May 18, 2018

The NHS have produced a report presenting a range of information of alcohol use by both children and adults in England.

Key facts

Here are some of the key bits of information affecting young people:


How do young people obtain alcohol?

Hospital admissions related to alcohol by age

Reasons for alcohol-related admission

Alcohol related hospital admissions by age and gender

Weekly consumption by age

Children’s opinions on alcohol over time

Alcohol specific deaths by age


Interested in finding out more? The full report is available here:



What can be done to help?

One of the specialist services which can be accessible through the Dock is Uturn. Uturn is a drugs and alcohol abuse service providing support to young people and their families. If you’re concerned about a friend or family member aged between 11 and 17, get in touch!

You can contact them through:

Email: Uturn@Swindon.gov.uk

Phone: 01793 464662

Mobile: 07766368328

For more information on Uturn, click here:



If you have any more concerns about alcohol and could use some more information, we have several articles about alcohol on the Dock:

Alcohol and the law

Alcohol and it’s journey through the body

Alcohol and drinking myths

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