Orchid Vale students volunteer with YOT

Year 5 and 6 pupils deliver lessons to other pupils on the consequences of engaging in criminal behaviour.

February 15, 2017

Pupils from years 5 and  6 at Orchid Vale, Lawn, Liden, Bishopston, and Red Oaks Primary schools  are delivering lessons to other pupils about the consequences of engaging in anti-social or criminal behaviour. No adults are involved!!

All the pupils are aged just 10 and 11, and have completed or about to complete, their training.

The lessons depend on the young volunteers giving a presentation to other pupils in other schools about the Youth Justice System, and what can happen if you get into trouble with the Police. Pupils are encouraged to act out scenarios such as being locked up and arrested, and thoroughly enjoy the very different experience of  being taught by youngsters their own age!

The scheme has proved a great success over the last few years, with positive feedback from pupils and staff from the various schools visited as part of these unique lessons.

If you want to get involved in voulenterring with the YOT get in Contact RYS@swindon.gov.uk or ring 01793 464662

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