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The Dock Competition 2017

April 27, 2017

TECHNOLOGY by Maria Qureshi

In today’s modern generation every young person has a common interest in technology e.g. mobile phones, TV, laptops, I-pads etc. This is because, technology has become more advanced and less people do not really find it necessary to find information in books.


The amounts of people having phones have drastically increased up to 6.8 billion in the world. This shows the interest in phones as a technology is common between people. It also suggests how useful and helpful it is. Technology is a chameleon technology is always changing its hardware and components but its intended purpose or reason for being does not really change. Technology helps us through machinery used for helping to produce product or a food. Technology is intended to make our lives easier. While it can sometimes feel like throwing our computers out the window, or going on vacation just to get away from all the buzzing, beeping, and being too connected, ultimately technology gives us a wealth of opportunities to have more comfortable lives  even with lower carbon footprints. Technology changes drastically with the rise of each day, and with this, our life also shuffles back and forth. Technology now is an inevitable part of our society. From waking up in the morning to preparing breakfast and dinner, we almost depend on technology. It is like a normal part of our life that helps in our day-to-day activities. From desktop PC, laptops to Smartphone, we are almost glued with interactive technology called the Internet and, why we should not! Technology is the easiest and fastest way of growing and gaining knowledge.


The fact is, it is important for adolescents to learn and understand technology. It’s become a part of daily life for all people to use a computer or a cell phone. It is necessary in most situations, especially for when they are older and have jobs. However, technology use must not be excessive. Extreme technological use in adolescents can cause all sorts of problems; socially and physically. It is important for adolescents to understand that yes, technology is an amazing thing; but at the same time, it should not be used all of the time. They should not be overly dependent on it. Adolescents need to learn that sometimes, technology is not the right answer for a situation.


Have you ever wondered if you could win a prize for doing the weirdest games in the world? Then here are some very odd sports right here for you. Each year a strange sport is invented to entertain the bored audiences giving them a chance to even take part in some. All these sports are gaining the unusual popularity and have major impacts on some people as they become grand champions of particular sports. Many World Records have been made due to these bizarre sports and how they are played is particularly peculiar. This article will tell you the 5 most abnormal sports played by people. However, not all of these sports are strange whereas some of them are very educational and fun to play whilst others are very weird and can be very dangerous for children and also adults.
The 5 different sports are:
 1.     Cheese Rolling -This sport is an unusual sport held in Gloucestershire where a roll of cheese is rolled down a hill by someone and the competitors have to run down the hill after it. The first competitor who reaches the finish line will win the cheese. People do cheese rolling because they want to win the organic cheese. 9/10 people love cheese rolling and would want to try to play it if given a chance. However, it can be very dangerous for especially children who take part in the junior event as well as the spectators who can get injured too. Those taking part and watching the event have sprained their ankles and also one has died by hitting his head on the rock.Bizarre ...       Bizarre2 ... 

2.     Bed Racing -The Knareborough Bed Race is a event held in the River of Knaresborough. First the competitors run along with the bed for 3 km and next they push the bed up the hill which is very tiring and laborious for the people pushing the bed. Then they push the bed down the hill. Finally, they get the bed across the River Nidd and the first one that crosses the finishing line wins.Bizarre4 ...

3.     Sport Stacking – This is a sport that is educational and was invented at the youth recreation centre in the early 1980s in Southern California. The two benefits of this sport is that it improves hand-eye coordination and also improves reaction time by 30%. The world record for the number of people stacking at different locations in one day is in 2013 when 555,932 stackers from 29 countries stacked cups for at least 30  minutes. This sport requires fitness, agility, concentration and quickness.Bizarre5 ...

4.     The Worm Charming Championships – This sport is very weird as this sport requires to charm worms out of the ground however water is not to be used. Moreover, each competitor needs to have a 3m by 3m plot and the competitor who charms the  most worms out of the soil wins and sets a world record.  A girl from Willaston called Hope Smith won by charming 272 worms in  30 minutes which is incredibly amazing.Bizarre6 ...

5.     Toe Wrestling – This sport involves two opponents who lock their feet and attempt to pin each others foot down. This sport was invented in 1974 and is similar to arm wrestling however the competitors have to remove their socks and shoes (played in bare feet).Players must link toes and to win the player should capture the other player’s foot for 3 seconds. There are 3 rounds and the player who wins most of the rounds is the winner overall. For over a decade, the UK has been asserting its supremacy in the sport. Englishman Alan Nash has held the title for 12 years.Bizarre7 ...

Every year each of these sports are held in different places attracting huge numbers of people. These sports are very popular and are played by many people and win great and weird prizes. Playing these sports are more interesting than sitting on your sofa and watching sports on the television. These sports are only some of the entertaining hobbies you could play because there are more in store. Many events are held to take part and you could be land in one of the Guinness world records.  Bizarre, erratic sports could be your speciality.

For more information go to:      http://www.topendsports.com/sport/unusual/list.htm



People would instinctively say that Lebron James, Derrick Rose or perhaps the most famous basketball player Michael Jordan, are their basketball heroes and the greatest player in basketball history. Well what if I tell you that those players are nowhere near as good as my heroes? Sports

I started playing basketball because of this person. This person as well as basketball helped me up in my darkest hours. This person is my little brother. Hang on, I know what you’re thinking “Your hero is your little brother, shouldn’t he be the one looking up to you?” Well that isn’t exactly correct, everyone needs some one to look up to in order to have a bright and sunny life. Children and teens specially needs to have someone to look up to so that they are put in the right path. I grew up without a dad. Every home time from elementary school (back in Philipines) parents are always waiting outside the gates to wait for their son/ daughters. I had to walk home along so I once asked my uncle “Why does everyone have a dad except for me, why did it happen only to me. My uncle replied with a soft gentle voice  “When Magic Johnson announced that he had HIV. I thought why did it have to be the Magic, and since then I’ve been thinking, if there is a God, that God must had picked the Magic because he thought This man can overcome it”

In the Questionnaire ‘Growing up’ that was given out in 2015, The result showed that the most difficult stage of life was the teenage years.  This is a proof that life presents the hardest stage of life which is growing up to teenagers. When you were a kid we all played in the park however as we grow older we cant stay in that same place so we have to find another place for belonging. The place for me is the court with my brothers and friends. This article was about growing up and I hope it helped or made people think about their future.



The quality of children’s opportunities these days has positively increased. There is support for young people every step of the way, more in schools than ever before, and every child can grow up knowing they have the potential to be whatever they want to be.  Dependent on how hard each select individual works, they will have more opportunities than lots of others. In places like Dharavi which is in the heart of Mumbai and Kibera in Nairobi. Children are born into the slum and will nearly always stay in the slum, with hundreds of health issues and services problems life will be a bit of a struggle.


We in the west have more leisure time whereas children from poor countries would get home from school and start working. With very little resources, some children don’t get the chance to go to school, and in richer countries, children often take education for granted. Even in 1970s Liverpool, children were written off and stereotyped in all areas of the city, if you didn’t get into a grammar school it was thought there was no hope for you, it was considered that you were lacking intelligence, on some occasions this wasn’t the case, with troubles at home these children don’t get the chance to work hard, with their families in such a tight position. In somewhere like the United Kingdom, there are lots of things you could do as a young person to advance your experience and knowledge to prepare for opportunities like universities or college. Apprenticeships are a great way to start earning money whilst learning on the job and even internships are paid in the word of knowledge which can look very good on a resumé and can be an interesting subject when applying for a job.

To get into the top universities like Oxford or Cambridge, they don’t just look at the scores of you’re A levels, yes its great if you get the highest marks but there is lots of people who have that, you have to be different. For example, if you did the Duke of Edinburgh award that could be considered great at a good university. Like being a black belt in karate but specializing in politics. You don’t even have to spend all the time at university, many people go into the armed forces who will help you get a degree and train you at the same time.

In conclusion, the opportunities these days (although some exceptions) are a lot better than they were in earlier years.


PERFORMING ARTS by Milrona Rodrigues

Performing arts is a very inspiring thing to do for young people especially in Swindon. This article is going to explain why performing arts is important.





Perf. arts4Perf. arts3Perf. arts5
Dance, comedy, drama and music venue with a 635 – seat auditorium plus 2 bars, one with pre-show food.

Address:  Theatre Square, Swindon SN1 1QN                 
Phone: 01793 524481
Perf. arts6
2-18yrs The Stagecoach Festival is an outdoor country music festival presented by Golden voice, The Messina Group, and Moore Entertainment and founded by Paul Tollett. The festival is located at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, CA. Wikipedia.



BULLYING by Keisha Norman

Bullying is physically and mentally harming.  Most people have been bullied in their lifetime being child or adult, which can change their life forever! During primary and secondary school is where most bullying happens. People can be bullied for many reasons, some include:

  • For being different from other people e.g. having different colour skin, being another religion.
  • If you are taller than other people.
  • If you are disabled.

The list could go on forever!

Some outcomes of when someone is bullying you could be:

  • Break-up of the relationship of you and your family.
  • You might not want to go back to school.
  • You could start to feel depressed and stressed and many, many other side effects!

What is bullying

Bullying is when someone is being mean to you by both calling you names and saying horrible things or physically hurting you by punching, kicking etc. Bullying can make you want to hurt your body, which can scar you forever.

How can you stop being bullied?

If you are being bullied then don’t just keep it locked up inside you. You need to tell a teacher or a trusted adult. They will hopefully keep an eye out and speak to the person or people that are bullying you. Sometimes just telling them that you don’t like what they are doing can be enough to make them stop, however if they don’t stop bullying you then tell that person again and try and stay away from them if you can. If you have to sit next to them in class then ask your teacher if you can be moved somewhere else.

Have you ever been bullied in your life, whether you were in primary school or secondary school?










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