Restorative Justice

Services for people who have been affected by crime

August 23, 2016

If you have been the victim of a crime committed by a young person who is now under the supervision of YOT we can offer the following services: –


We can provide information about the case of the young offender and how the case is progressing.


Some victims find that an explanation from the young person about why they have committed the offence is helpful in aiding their recovery from its effects.

One way that we assist young offenders to develop an understanding of how their actions have affected others is to confront them with information supplied by their actual victims(s).

We can attempt to achieve this communication in several ways:

  • We can provide opportunities for the victim and offender to meet face to face to discuss the offence(s) and issues arising. These meetings are voluntary and the YOT carries out an assessment process with everyone beforehand to ensure the safety of all participants. A trained worker facilitates all meetings, at a venue that is accessible for everyone. Both victims and offenders are welcome to bring someone along to support them.
  • We can act as a third party, passing on questions and messages between victims and the young offenders. This is known as ‘Shuttle Mediation’.
  • We can encourage the offender to write a letter of explanation/ apology. These are always checked by the YOT and never sent directly to the victim by the offender.


One of the key aims of the youth justice system is to encourage young offenders to do something positive for their victims or for their community to make up for the offence(s) that they have committed. This could be some form of voluntary work for the victim or the community.

Confidentiality and Voluntary Participation  

Any involvement that you might have with the YOT is completely confidential and voluntary. We would never give out any information about you, or anything that you might tell us without first asking your permission.

Victim Support

Victim Support, is an independent national charity that helps people cope with the effects of crimes. Trained staff and volunteers can provide information, emotional support and practical help, either in person or over the telephone. They can also advise and assist with Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims. Their service is free, confidential and completely optional.


Victim Support Wiltshire Area:

Tel: 0808 2810113


or call the National Victim Support line:

Tel: 0808 1689111


If you have any questions then you can get in touch by e-mailing


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