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April 25, 2017

COMING OUT by Grace Wiles

For many teenagers who question or know their sexuality, coming out is terrifying, it’s the not knowing how people are going to react – it is your choice to come out no one can force you to. There are many different ways of secretly coming out which not many people know for example; wear rainbow accessories, go to Pride with friends.

I thought I might share my story of coming out: I was terrified of people finding out as I was already heavily bullied by people at school over the silliest of things (think they just enjoyed it), I had thoughts of my sexuality since the age of 8 years old and yes that is young but that was when I had my first kiss.  As I grew older I didn’t want to hide about who I really am but I was too scared what other people would think of me so I kept it to myself.  I felt that I could trust some of my close friends at school with my secret but later found it was spread all around school and was bullied even worse, they thought I was a freak. I tried to commit suicide 4 times in my last year at school but stopped at just the right moment; I am stronger than these people.

Just before my 18th birthday I was determined to come out to my family, I told people at college I was going to do it, built up the courage through out the day, even walked home to ensure I had what I wanted to say in my head. Got Home and I freaked and hid up in my room, not what I thought would happen. I was called to the stairs by my mum to ask me why I had an appointment with a mental health nurse and of course the only thing I could do was burst into tears and repeat that I was sorry. The only thing she said was that ‘she knew that I was a lesbian and that she loved me for what I am not a label’, I cried even more but that was because I was relieved and amazed that they loved me and they still do.

Even though coming out is scary but you could be amazed by their reactions.


ANXIETY by Jordan Allaway

13 -Anxiety by Jordan Allaway


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