Antisocial behaviour can include but isn’t limited to:

Loud shouting and swearing
Smoking or taking drugs
Damage to property
Littering or leaving rubbish
Fighting or being violent
Smashing bottles or glass
Playing loud music

Antisocial behaviour is not things like:

One-off party
Bad parking
Using a skateboard or scooter
Children or young people playing
General living noise
Neighbours doing DIY (at reasonable times)


Most young people are considerate and respectful of others and their surroundings, some are not and may be easily influenced by others. You can be held responsible for a crime from 10 years old.

Consequences for you could include:

Police involvement
Reduced education or employment opportunities
Being excluded from community areas.

Consequences for your community could include:

Community money being used to fix damaged or broken equipment and building rather than new things.
Community areas becoming run down and unused.

Before you report antisocial behaviour try and have a conversation, if safe to do so, with the persons(s) about the issue. Remember that if it is an emergency you should always call 999.

If you are a young person and unsure what to do, tell a trusted adult like a Youth Worker or local PCSO and they can help you report it.

It is better to report antisocial behaviour through the right channels like the council or police than on social media.

Report to Police
Report to Council
Housing Association

Call 101

Call 999 (emergency)

Report ASB on the Police website

Anyone can report ASB to the council, where the community safety and/or housing team handle reports. Note that you have to register with them online or have a log in to use this form.

Report ASB (Council)

If you are a tenant of a housing association, for example, Sovereign or Stonewater, we would encourage you to report any incidents of ASB or noise nuisance to your housing officer so they can take action and provide support.