A campaign by a Swindon family promoting a #PositiveSwindon and supporting local charities.

Charities need to be able to reach as many people as possible. Yet recent changes have made it harder for them to do this. They can’t ask for support as they used to be able to.

To help support local charities a Swindon family created this hub. You can read more about the great work that they do on each of their Showcase page.

If any of the charities here resonate with you, consider doing something good today and giving your support. Please offer any help that you can. Whether that’s skills, your time, goods or signing up to a fundraising activity.

We Are Swindon do not charge any charity that helps the people of Swindon to join the Swindon’s Charity hub. This cost is funded by We Are Swindon which is a small business.